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UK Nutrition Limited are one of the countries leading manufacturers and distributors of agricultural nutrients. Used by growers & farmers, UK Nutrition products are there to either reactively correct deficiencies or help, proactively, in the production of quality crops & produce. UK Nutrition sells its products through a network of international, national and regional agricultural distributors.

The company's main activity is the manufacture and distribution of micronutrients and trace elements for the agricultural arable, fruit and vegetable markets. The basis of the company’s philosophy is that plants, can all reach their potential in ideal growing conditions. But because we do not live in ideal climatic conditions, crop nutrition helps the plant overcome the stress of too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry growing conditions.

Deficiencies of any element, either not present in the soil, or in the plant tissue, can be corrected by the use of crop nutrients. A range of liquid, for foliar applications, granules, for soil applications, and powders for spray tank mixing, have been developed to enable the plant to thrive and bear the produce it has been grown for.

Our approach to crop nutrition is twofold:

This can supply to the market:

Those are a few examples of crop programmes advocated by our company. In addition, through developing strong cell walls both internally and externally, it has been shown that plants can be protected from certain diseases.

The benefits of good skin finish, sound and strong internal qualities, extended shelf life, are an obvious benefit when exporting fresh foodstuffs. So often do we hear of produce, soft, runny and damaged being delivered to export markets.

UK Nutrition are one of the very few companies who are now fully REACH registered for Manganese Sulphate and can supply as a raw material or manufactured product.

All products are manufactured under ISO 9001 approved Quality System, and bespoke products can be manufactured after due diligence work in our on site laboratory.