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Sunburst to help increase Nitrogen rates for big-yielding milling wheats

16th June 2015

It has been reported in the Farmers Weekly that there is a concern that higher yielding varieties of milling wheat could result in lower diluted protein levels in the harvested grain, resulting in premiums not being reached and penalties at the mill eating into profits. Some independant crop consultants are advising clients to top up their Nitrogen uses by 30%.

The most cost efficient answer to increased nitrogen application on growing crops is using SUNBURST.

SUNBURST is a stabilised foliar Ureic Nitrogen plus calcium formulation:
Nitrogen N 18% Ureic Nitrogen N 18%
Calcium Oxide 9.7% Chlorine 15.9%

SUNBURST optimises the protein potential of milling wheats and can be used as a nitrogen source for other crops. It also supplies the crop with chloride, which has been shown to enhance the plants resistance to both drought and disease, including septoria, fusarium and physiological leaf spot.

SUNBURST supplies soluble calcium which, if applied at the start of grain fill can re-direct metabolites to the grain and has an increased efficiency of 4:1 ratio over straight urea.

Packed in 1000L IBC for easy handling or 200L drums

1000 Litres covers 20ha providing 12 kgs N per hectare