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Firm Taps Into Green Water Plan

17th January 2013

A Whitchurch Company which manufactures agricultural crop nutrients is installing an innovative rainwater harvesting system.

UK Nutrition Limited have had planning permission by the Shropshire Council to install three 13,000 litre rainwater harvesting systems.

The company, on Waymills Industrial Estate, plans to harvest 70% of its 1.7 million litre requirements of water, by diverting rainwater through a series of filters into the 13,000 litre holding tanks, then using it in their manufacturing process.

Ricky Furber, the Company's production manager, is hoping the installation will be complete by the year end, in advance of next year's demand for finished product. "We are delighted that the plans have been approved, to allow us to use a natural occuring source of water, rather than putting supply pressure on our local Severn Trent supplier." he said.

The scheme will cost £18,000 including tanks, filters and steel work. MD Frank Worsencroft said the reasoning behind the project is both green and financial. "We have a tremendous roof here, with 3 downspouts and felt it would be better to use the water running off the roof rather than have to take it from a reservoir and have to pay for it. We use a lot of water and think we could get 70% of our needs this way" he said.