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Now is the time to be thinking SUNBURST

4th June 2014
Fusarium ear blight risk is high this year as wheat crops begin to flower. Sunburst supplies the crop with chloride, which has been shown to enhance the plants resistance to both drought and disease, including septoria, fusarium and physiological leaf spot. Calcium is essential to increase cell wall strength in all crops. This makes plants more resistant to attack by both pests and diseases, including problem diseases such as Fusarium. As well as being the  countries leading milling wheat protein enhancer, Sunbursts make up can help in disease resistance.Winter wheat crops are a full month ahead of last year with early sown crops now at ear emergence. However, they are only a week earlier than average if we look back at the previous five years. Now is the time to be thinking ‘SUNBURST’Apply 50 litres per hectare between ‘watery’ & ‘cheesy’ ripe – compatible with most chemicals and is used in the main in conjunction with ‘ear wash’ application