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Success In Mexico

19th November 2014

A Shropshire agricultural manufacturing company is having success in exporting knowledge, in addition to products to Mexico tomato growers.

The Whitchurch company, a leading UK manufacturer of crop nutrients, has successfully completed a two year trials programme in Mexico, on beef tomatoes for the hotel and catering trade in and around Cancun, Mexico.

Reporting on the success, UK Nutrition Managing Director, Frank Worsencroft, said "We had approached a major grower who had reported poor results on the numbers and quality of the tomatoes he was producing from his 60,000 plant houses. Taking the oppurtunity to mix business with pleasure, I visited the grower's estate, and using the knowledge of our UK experiences and results was able, through nutrient application, to reduce the amount of flower drop, increase rooting, and provide the grower with a healthier, more robust plant. The trial was extended to salad potatoes and papayas, with the same success."

"Unfortunately I will have to visit again this year!" concluded Mr Worsencroft