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UK Nutrition's microgranular products are designed for soil application. They can be applied blended with NPK fertilisers, banded through MicroBand machinery, broadcast through conventional spreaders or slug pellet applicators. Some granules are combine drilled with the seed at planting.

All products, except Boron and Sulphur, are based on oxy-sulphates to give a combination of immediate sulphate availability and slow release oxides. Rates depend on the crop and method of application.


Boron 10

10% Boron granule based on ulexite to stimulate root growth and early establishment


Calcium Mix

10% Calcium 6% Magnesium 5% Sulphur 3% Zinc 2% Iron 1.5% Magnesium 1% Boron


Manganese 32% Granules

Manganese granules for soil application. Can be banded, broadcast or drilled with the seed


Sulphur 90

A finely ground and bound 90% Elemental sulphur to correct deficiencies and acidify alkali soils


Zinc 36%

Oxysulphate granules to treat zinc deficiency