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UK Nutrition's liquid nutrients are designed for efficient plant uptake from tank mixing and spraying.

We offer single nutrient solutions as well as mixes to address specific deficiences.


Single Mineral Sulphates

Liquid foliar sulphates designed to address specific deficiencies either alone or in tank mix combinations.


Mineral Nitrates

The UK Nutrition range of nitrates can be tank mixed with pesticides for foliar application


Compound Mixes

Complexed balanced ratios of elements commonly deficient in soils. Formulated to fit nutritional balances of specific crops.


Nitrogen Mixes

A range of products designed to provide ammonia nitrogen and calcium to increase quality and yield.


Specialist Foliar Feeds

Foliar fertilisers containing high levels of macro, secondary and micronutrients.


Acid Fertilisers

Acidic liquid compound fertilisers are specialist and highly suited for drip irrigation systems